Tues - Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 1pm - 5pm


Adults: $10.00
Children 12 and younger:  $8.00 *
Seniors: 60 and older:  $8.00
Teachers: $8.00 **
Little Rock City Employees: $8.00 **
Active and Retired Military: $8.00 **

* Children under 12 months of age are    admitted free
** Must provide current ID


500 President Clinton Ave. Suite 150
Little Rock, AR. 72201
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Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Amazing You

Presented by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Your body does amazing and complex work each and every day. Learn how healthy choices make healthy bodies as you explore the wonders of Amazing You. See how moving your body is fun and helps you stay healthy. How healthy is your dinner, how much energy do you need to perform a given activity, can you control your brain waves? Explore Amazing You and find the answers for yourself.

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Discovery Hall

Math is a tool we use to describe the quantities, shape, space and patterns we observe in the world around us. Energy exists in many different forms and can be transferred from one form to another. Discovery Hall asks the questions and shapes the answers; how many is a million, what is harmony and what are force and energy?

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Room to Grow

Our youngest visitors have a room of their own! Children 6 and under and their caretakers can explore activities specifically targeted to their unique educational needs. They can use their imaginations in a creative hands on environment that focuses on wonder and learning, and parents will enjoy interacting with their child in a special place that’s just for them.

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WOW Gallery

Peer into another world in our Window of Wonder Gallery! The WOW Gallery houses traveling exhibits on a variety of interesting topics. Our exhibits are sure to make you say, "Wow!"

Feature Exhibit

Upcoming Exhibits


Are you interested in the shocking world of electricity or the different fields of science? If so, visit the theater to see one of our explosive shows: Awesome Science or the Electric Show!

Arkansas Discovery Network

Visit the Arkansas Discovery Network Area to see something that's always new! This area houses the Arkansas Discovery Network's rotating exhibits in over 1,000 square feet of exhibit space.

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Explore Store

We invite you to stop by the Museum of Discovery’s EXPLORE STORE to shop for fun and inventive educational gifts for young and old alike.

Our hours are:

Tues – Sat: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

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Great Hall

Our new 6,000 square foot lobby provides access off Clinton Avenue. This beautiful new space showcases the Helix Wave, a kinetic sculpture by the renowned artist Reuben Margolin of Berkley, California. Smaller interactive exhibits as well as comfortable seating are available in this space. With easy access to power for event lighting and sound, this is a beautiful space for gala events! Don’t forget to visit our Explore Store gift shop for unique gift ideas and souvenirs.

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Discovering all the museum has to offer can take a lot out of you! Stop by GigaBite to relax and refuel.

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AETN Public Media Center

The Museum of Discovery is partnering with AETN Public Television to create a new media center where visitors can watch videos, search the web and relax in our comfy chairs. The practically limitless resources will assist museum-goers of all ages in learning about science.

Tinkering Studio

The new Tinkering Studio will provide a place where visitors get to work in a collaborative environment and explore basic and advanced building techniques. All activities are hands-on, supervised and at least partly improvisational. Grand schemes, wild ideas, crazy notions and intuitive leaps of imagination are encouraged and fertilized. You have to experience it to understand the phenomenon that is Tinkering.


The Tinkering Studio is open from 3-5pm Tuesday through Friday and all day on the weekends.

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Earth Journeys

Special geographic features make Arkansas unique. Explore these features as you walk over a large satellite-photo map that highlights the state’s major cities and geographic features. Extreme weather is common to Arkansas and is a growing problem associated with global climate change. Immerse yourself in the experience of extreme weather in “Tornado Alley Theater”. You will experience the sights and sounds of a tornado tearing past and hear the voices of several Little Rock residents affected by a tornado that hit the area in 1999.

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Click on the map to learn more about each area.

stairs stairs river level street level Legend

Lights & Sound

Waves transfer energy and assume many forms including the sounds we hear and the lights we see. Explore the color spectrum and more in Lights & Sound!



Explore how Math is used to describe the quantities, shape, space and patterns we observe in the world around us.


Matter, Force & Energy

Experiment with the mechanical advantages of pulleys at the Pull Your Weight station, observe the effects of gravity or investigate how force and motion interact on the Ball Wall!



Learn about different energy sources, explore the science behind electrical components and circuits, and even generate your own electrical energy… by pedaling a bike!


Incredible You

Your body does amazing and complex work each day – Incredible You lets you see what your amazing body is made of!


Healthy You

Healthy choices make healthy bodies! Learn how these choices improve your life – and your body – in Healthy You!


Active You

Moving your body is fun, and it helps you stay healthy! Test your flexibility, strength, reaction time and more in the Active You section!


Water Ways

Water shapes Arkansas’ environment and is critical to sustaining life. Learn more from our Water Ways exhibits!


Arkansas Bound

Explore the special geographic features that make Arkansas unique.


Earth Moves

Explore Arkansas’ unique geological features, including earthquakes and thermal springs!


Ecological Earth

A variety of fauna and flora survive and thrive in Arkansas because of its unique mix of environments. Learn more about Arkansas’ many plant and animal species, and even take a look at some in the Live Animal Terrariums!


Weather Extremes

Extreme weather is common to Arkansas. Observe the effects of extreme weather on our climate, try your hand at reporting the weather, and even experience the sights and sounds of a tornado tearing past you!